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Anybody Home in Palmetto GBA’s Provider Enrollment Dept?

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I’ve been trying to get through to Palmetto GBA’s Provider Enrollment Dept for the past 2 days.  Here’s a tip to get through.  Use two phone lines and alternately redial when the call goes directly to answering machine.  The message that says “..you have reached this recording because we are experiencing higher than expected call volume..:

Stay on the line if you hear a ring then message comes on.  That means it’s your lucky day and you will be put into the waiting queue with the rest of us.  Now, maybe you should hang up and go buy a lotto 🙂

On a side note: ARE YOU SERIOUS %$#Expletive$%! PALMETTO?  You’ve been at it for over two years and haven’t figured out what the expected call volume should be? GRRRRrrr!!

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