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Tricare Contracting and Credentialing Change

Tricare West recently announced a change that will take effect in the middle of this month. MHN (Managed Health Network), a sister company to Health Net Federal Services (HNFS) will no longer be managing the TRICARE West mental health provider network, which includes applied behavior analysis (ABA) providers. Providers currently contracted with MHN as a […]
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CMS Reveals New Medicare Card Design

Today, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) gave the public its first look at the newly designed Medicare card. The new Medicare card contains a unique, randomly-assigned number that replaces the current Social Security-based number. CMS will begin mailing the new cards to people with Medicare benefits in April 2018 to meet the […]
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Look out for the new CMS 1500 forms

The new CMS forms were designed to change over from ICD9 to ICD10 diagnosis codes. During the implementation period when both versions are accepted, there will be an indicator added to designate which version of diagnosis code you are using, ICD9 or ICD10. Another major change is that the new forms will be able to […]
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Caremore Healthplan of California

For well over a year now, we have been receiving EOBs from Caremore Healthplan of California with numerous under-payments and over-payments errors. Take for example, one check that we received: They processed 31 claims and only 4 of them were processed correctly! :O That’s an 87% margin of error on one check for one doctor! […]
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New Balance Billing Patients Rule in California

As of October 15, 2008, there is a new California state rule that bars hospitals and doctors from billing patients for the balance of emergency treatment not paid by insurance companies. Hospitals and physicians are contesting this new law and California Supreme Court will be hearing another ‘balance bill’ challenge next month. According to the […]
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