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Medical Appointment Scheduling

A key component in developing and growing your private practice is having your phones answered professionally and consistently.  Sharp Management can help you accomplish this goal with our virtual admin service.


Threee simple steps to start enjoying the benefits of increased revenue, better customer service and lower costs!


We will design your practice's scheduling process based on your input


Determine time to forward your practice's calls to our professional agents


We schedule appointments using your current scheduler or a secure, online calendar

Benefits of our Service

  • Increase Appointments – We provide your business with extended business hours and coverage during breaks or absences to make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to schedule more appointments.
  • Personalized Service – Our professional receptionists provide personalized service representing your business.
  • Improve Customer Experience – We free up your staff to better serve your patients.
  • Pay for Productive Time – Our fees are based on phone minutes used, which means you don’t pay for non-productive employee time.
  • Reduce Human Resource Requirements – We incur the cost to hire, train and support employees, reducing your overhead costs.
  • Lower Overhead Costs – Our service minimizes the need for you to dedicate staff and space to support the appointment scheduling function.
  • Reliable and Secure – We can assure you uninterrupted service using our highly secure and flexible cloud-based technology. 

Features of our service

  • Appointment reminder calls
  • Customized online calendar tool
  • Scripted procedures to ensure we are an extension of your business
  • Bilingual professionals to serve your diverse patients base
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • 100% call recording for quality purposes
  • Continuous training to stay current with your business processes
  • Professional agents trained on HIPAA compliance
  • Monthly service agreement with no long term commitment

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