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Setting up Medicare Electronic Billing with Palmetto GBA

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It used to only take a couple of weeks to set up electronic billing with NHIC now it takes approximately 40 days and that is if you submit your request online.  Also, you can only submit online (Electronic Data Interchange Application Online Request Form) if the provider is already billing electronically.  Here’s the link: http://www3.palmettogba.com/pgx_ediRequest/index.jsp

Once submitted, be sure to print out your request ID number and follow up with them in 2 weeks to make sure they sent out the Letter of Authorization to the provider.  This has to be signed by the provider and send back to Palmetto.  From the time they received it, they will take another 20 ‘business’ days to process.

Make sure to follow up with them as soon as the 20 ‘business’ days are up because they are notorious for rejecting the application for any minute missing or incorrect information with no notice.

One good procedure they have implemented is the number ticket system.  They will give you a ticket and escalate to 2nd level when you call in after the 20 ‘business’ days.

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