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MicroMD® DMS: Paperless Document Management for Enhanced Data Access, Productivity and Cost Savings

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The MicroMD DMS document management system takes your practice virtually paperless, generating productivity improvements and cutting costs along the way. MicroMD DMS helps practices capture, categorize, mark up and retrieve paper-bound information and external documents. 


A Practical Solution for Single- or Multiple-Site Organizations 


With MicroMD DMS, rapid, simple and shared access to any type of document replaces the time-consuming task of searching for and sorting through manila folders. 


As an added advantage, multiple users can view the same document simultaneously. And because MicroMD DMS also lets you create, import and save electronic documents such as e-faxes, it reduces supply, storage, distribution, printing and filing costs. 


Patient Account Charts: Store charts, faxes or template-generated documents relating to specific patients 


  • Document filing in a customizable, clinical layout   

Office File Cabinets: Maintain employee attendance records, vendor-related information, letter formats or other documents not related to specific patients 


  • Customizable folder layouts   

Document Annotation: Mark up documents as if writing on paper 


  • Tools for drawing on, typing in or cropping document images   

Templates: Utilize Microsoft Word, Excel and blank text files from templates 


  • Customized templates for frequently-used documents   

Unfiled Folders: Streamline scanning of large volumes of documents 


  • Temporary “unfiled” folder with drag-and-drop filing   

Usability Features: Work efficiently with an enhanced user interface 


  • Access to date, file type, creator, a thumbnail preview image and other document details on mouse-over   

  • Easy navigation from page to page   

  • Configurable document display settings   

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